6 Main Reasons You Have Your TV Professinally Installed

Now that you’ve finally found a flat screen TV that’ll be the linchpin of your dream home theater system, what now? Instead of worrying about how you’re going to get that new TV mounted to the wall, it may pay to call in the experts. After all, you don’t want to go to the trouble of mounting your television yourself only to find that it’s crooked, mounted incorrectly or already slipping off the wall.

There are countless reasons to enlist the help of a professional to install your new television. Take a look below to find out some of the ways a professional TV installer can help you make the most of your new TV and save you time and frustration in the process.

1- Finding THE Perfect Spot

Dozens of factors come into play when you’re trying to find the ideal location for your television mount. Professional television installers know all of the important issues to consider and can work with you to find the right location. Here are just a few issues your experienced TV installer will discuss with you:

Height - Many people just assume that the ideal TV location is above the fireplace. The fireplace is usually a poor location for a TV, though, especially if you want to watch TV without developing a crick in your neck. Lots of issues go into placing the height of your TV, from the distance between your TV and seating to the angle of viewing.
Sunlight - No one wants to TV when fighting the glare of sunlight or room lighting.
Power outlets- Your TV’s power source needs to be nearby our within distance of running the power cords.
Keeping components close- Your television needs to be within wiring distance of your cable or satellite box, sound system, game consoles and a variety of other components. Your television’s location also needs to be in a spot where there’s room for all of these components.

2- The Right Equipment for Mounting

There are countless mounting equipment options. Your professional television installer can help you select the right mount for your TV’s location and style as well as your family’s viewing needs. Picking the right type of mount is vital, so your professional TV installer will consider factors such as:

TV type- Your flat screen TV has a series of mounting holes, the configuration of which is assigned a VESA Mount Compatibility number. Your skilled installer knows which mount fits your TV’s VESA numbers.
Weight- All mounts are not created equal when it comes to weight. An expert TV installer knows which mounts can handle your TV’s specific weight.
Ports- If your television ports are located on the back of the unit, you need a mount that allows you to access those ports easily.
Angles- You want to be able to see the TV from various points around the room. You may need a mount that angles, swivels, pulls out from the wall or raises and lowers, depending on your viewing points. An installer knows which mount features work best for your needs.

3- Use the Studs

The last thing you want is a television that falls off the wall because of improper mounting. Not only can a falling TV hurt your family, but it can also damage your wall and your TV. An experienced installer makes sure that your television is mounted securely by:

Finding the wall stud.
Using proper wall anchors.
Using the right equipment to mount your television to more-difficult wall types such as concrete, brick and stone.
Using earthquake straps and no-tip straps when appropriate.

4- Adding the Bells and Whistles

Even if you’re a die-hard DIY-er, finding the time to attach all of your components to your new TV can be daunting. When you hire a professional TV installer, they’ll often take care of connecting all your peripheral equipment too. Whether you have a game system, a sound bar or a Blu-Ray player that needs to be attached to your television, your installer can often connect everything in a fraction of the time it would take you to do the same.

5- No Wires Hanging!

Do all of the wires dangling between your television and components make you want to launch into a paraphrased Mommie Dearest rant? A professional installer can help. Most skilled installers can hide all of your TV’s wires and cords so you can enjoy the view of your TV unmarred by drooping cables and cords. Sometimes this is accomplished by running wires through the walls. In these instances, you’ll be glad you have a professional on the job to prevent damage to your walls. Your installer can also organize TV and component cords for you to ensure that home remains neat and tidy.

6- Eliminate the Hassle

Professional television installation can save you gobs of time and frustration. Forget searching for all of the tools you’ll need for the job. Don’t waste your time hunting down that drill bit. Don’t worry about what type of mount to buy. Professional TV installers arrive at your home with all of the equipment needed to expertly hang your television. From screwdrivers and drill bits to mounting hardware, qualified TV installers bring everything needed to complete the job. Plus, they’ll provide you with expert advice along the way.

Best of all, our professional television installers can be at your home installing your TV in just a few hours.