Concealing and Hiding Wires Service

Are you tired of messy looking wires and cords trailing between your TV, your cable system and your sound system? You're in luck. We’ve got all the cord concealing services you need to help you enjoy your beautiful room design without unsightly home entertainment cords hampering your view.

Hide Those Wires

Want an uncluttered space? It’s amazing how much impact concealing and hiding wires can have on your living spaces. Your TV is hooked up to countless devices to get access to all the content you At TV Installation One, we understand the power of hiding your cords and wires because we see the dramatic effects every day. Even customers who say they don’t really notice their television cords and cables are shocked at how much more they enjoy their entertainment space once those wires are professionally hidden away.

Wiring Specialists

We want to bring an organized, uncluttered appeal to your television area. Our technicians are wiring specialists when it comes to home theater cords and cables. We’re trained to deal with the many wires, cords and cables connecting your home theater system’s televisions, cable or satellite boxes, Blu-Ray players, soundbars and auxiliary devices. We have experience with all types of systems, so you can be assured that we approach your project with skilled expertise.

Reliable Services

What's the Best Way to Hide TV Cords?

There are several ways we can conceal cables so that all you see is your inviting room design and your vivid television screen. Just as every person is unique, though, we’ve found that each home entertainment system set-up is unique too. Some of the issues we’ll consider when developing your cord concealment plan include:

  • -The proximity of electrical outlets to your home entertainment devices
  • -The type of wall holding your TV mount
  • -The distance between your home entertainment components
  • -The viability of running wires behind the wall
  • -The safety of your system set up
  • -If running the cords through your wall isn’t viable, we’ll offer other options for organizing and hiding your TV’s cords. We want to create the safest, most efficient plan to deal with your cables behind your TV, so we’ll customize your plan to fit your unique needs. The end goal is to create a beautiful home entertainment system that’s accessible and sensible.

Where Are The Best Wiring Services Near Me ?

We understand that you may be choosing between several different local TV installation services for your project. TV Installation One is proud of its growing reputation as one of the most responsive TV mounting and cord concealment services in the Los Angeles area. We’re proud to be your local resource for all of your home TV and entertainment system setup needs. We also offer same day service. We can dismount your old TV, mount your new TV and hide all those messy wires in one quick, easy visit. In most cases, we can provide efficient service the same day you call us. With our expert installation and cord concealment experts just a quick phone call away, you never have to worry about learning how to run your television wires through your wall. And you never have to worry about whether your cord setup is safe or efficient. We handle all those details for you so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your new TV.

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