Extra Services for Your TV Installation

Are you ready for a superior TV experience in the comfort of your own home? If so, then you should take action today by contacting TV Installation 1. We are your premier source for everything related to TV installation. This includes the extra services you crave for the ultimate viewing experience.

External Cord Concealment

We all love technology. Technology has made it so easy to stay connected, informed and entertained. Do you know what no one loves about technology? Cords! Your TV is hooked up to countless devices to get access to all the content you want. You have cable boxes, streaming boxes, movie players, speakers and more. How do you handle all those ugly cords? The answer is easy with cord concealment. At TV Installation One, we provide external cord concealment. This means that we hide the cords that run along the outside of your house. This is not merely a cosmetic choice. Concealing your exterior cords can also keep them safer.

In Wall Cord Concealment

We also deal with your cords inside. This is why we have experience with in wall cord concealment. There is no way to get rid of all the cords you need for your TV and other devices. However, that does not mean that you have to look at them and trip over them all the time. Instead, invest in our internal cord concealment. We can actually place your cords inside your wall. This minimizes their appearance and keeps them safe at all times. It is a great service!

Reliable Services

Extra Cables

In some cases, all those cords may not actually be enough. Yes, cords are inconvenient to look at, but they are essential for your devices. That is why we also provide cables for our customers. Maybe you are missing a cord you need. You could also just want better performance. Sometimes, newer cords might be able to speed things up for your devices. Whatever the case may be, we have the extra cords you need. We would be happy to help you pick the right ones for your TV installation.

Device Connection

For most people, the television is just the tip of the home entertainment iceberg. As a finishing touch on our installation services, we will also plug in your extra devices to ensure that they are all receiving power. Because your television will be properly mounted, it is that much easier for you to finish connecting your devices and start enjoying your new setup

Soundbar Installation

Your soundbar is a great investment to improve the quality of your TV viewing at home. However, where do you put that soundbar? The answer is to hire us to install soundbar devices today. We can easily mount your soundbar on your wall for the best sound placement possible. We also provide options to install wall shelf devices.

Your Source for Local TV Installation

Whatever your needs for TV installation may be in Los Angeles and the local area, we are your experts. We have the skills, experience and location needed. Contact TV Installation 1 to learn about these extra services and more!

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