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We are your TV wall mount installation experts. We believe you'll be impressed with our TV installation service that is

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TV installation one provide safe Dismount and Remount for your Tv so Relax and sit at home and enjoy.

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TV installation one provide External Cord Concealment, Extra Cable, Soundbar installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are excited to offer same-day service to many of our Los Angeles-area communities. Our frequent ability to install your TV on the same day you call us is one of the service features our customers like best. We provide same day, next day and easy to schedule professional service that you can depend on. Offering same-day appointments is sometimes tricky in the busy Los Angeles area, though. If you need a same-day appointment, it’s always best to call us early before all of our available same-day appointments are taken. We always work hard to deliver you the quick, professional service you deserve, even if we just can’t fit you in on the same day you call us. We’re just a quick phone call away whenever you need TV mounting or dismounting services. Or, you can use our handy online inquiry form to have one of our experienced technicians call you about your TV mounting needs. Our technicians are highly trained, courteous and safe, so give us a call today.

Do you wish you had the time and know-how to mount your television on the wall? TV Installation One can help. We are a TV installation business serving the greater Los Angeles area, delivering same-day, professional service that helps beautify your home and enliven your TV experience. Our installation technicians are experts in TV mounting, creating the best viewing experiences possible in your home. They can advise you where to place the TV and at what height, and they can help you select the mounting equipment that offers the best viewing angles for your space. We also offer professional TV dismounting services so you can easily move or replace your flat-screen TV. Best of all, we can often serve you on the same day you call, so there’s no waiting around to enjoy your home’s new TV experience.

When televisions were massive behemoths that sat near the floor in their special cabinets or on a TV stand, we used to hear a lot about the dangers of sitting too close to the TV. With flat screen televisions in 85 percent of all American homes now, those concerns are just as valid, but in a different way. Now if you sit too close to a wall-mounted TV, you run the risk of hurting your neck and back and causing your shoulders to tense up. So, what’s the perfect distance to sit from a wall-mounted TV? That answer depends on the diagonal width of your television screen and the height of your mount. As a quick guide, multiply the diagonal width of your TV by 1.5 or 2.5. The product of these numbers is how far away you should place your seating. The goal is to have your screen be at your eye level.

The best way to conceal all of the cords leading to and from your wall-mounted television is to run the cords through the wall. This keeps cords out of sight where they are less likely to become twisted. There’s a safety advantage for running your cords through the wall, too. This is especially true if you have young children or pets at home who could chew or pull on your TV’s cords or get entangled with them. If you choose to conceal your cords in the wall, you might consider enlisting the help of a professional TV mounting service. They often know just how to cut the hole in your wall cleanly so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary damage to your walls. If you can’t hide your cords in a wall, there are a variety of products available to organize cords so you can tuck them away in a cabinet.

Countless details are involved in determining the best height to mount your TV. You’ll want to consider how big your room is, where seating is placed, how tall the home’s occupants are and the size of your TV. The goal is to place the TV so it’s at your eye level when you are seated. For most people, the optimum height is 55” to 61” from the floor for 42-inch or 55-inch television screens. Of course, if you have a small room and your seating is just a few feet from the screen, that 56-inch height is going to be too tall to comfortably see the TV. That’s because the small size of the space makes the viewing angle undesirable. Aim for a viewing angle of fewer than 30 degrees. If you don’t want to map out your viewing angle and seating height to determine TV placement, consider hiring installation specialists.

While every situation is unique, most TVs can be mounted in about an hour-and-a-half to two hours. We may spend some of that time speaking with you about your preferred location for the TV and where your family will be sitting when watching the screen. We’ll also ask about your family’s TV viewing habits so we can help select the right TV mount and angles for the project. If you have a wall that is not made of standard drywall or if there are other complications, your project may take a bit more time. That’s true, too, if you would like us to run your media cords through the wall. When you call to schedule your TV mounting appointment, we’ll discuss your needs for the project. With that information we can give you a more specific answer as to the project’s duration.

Our Mission

To be sure your large screen TV is mounted and installed properly, it's smart to look for professional TV mounting near me done by expert TV installers. In many homes, the television quickly becomes a focal point of a room and a special part of your home decor. You want a TV mount installation that is done right, that makes your TV look attractive, and one that hides all of the wires and hooks up all of your other components correctly. We know exactly how to mount a TV on the wall to make it look and function its best. You need pro TV installation for the best results

We provide same day, next day and easy to schedule professional service that you can depend on. We supply the professional television installation you need, straight to your door. Whether your TV is flat screen, an LED TV, plasma or any other type or brand of television, we've got you covered. We're your local, dependable and trusted television installation specialists.

We specialize in expert TV wall installation as well as TV dismount or remount services. We'll handle even challenging installations flawlessly. Your expert setup and installation services come to you at a price you can afford. Our handyman TV mounting service is not only cheap, it also features exceptionally high quality and is always done to your complete satisfaction. We can install your television on any wall type including drywall, stucco, plaster and walls with wooden studs. Other things we'll do for you include: Hide All Unsightly Cords and Wires
Hook Up Speakers and Other Components
Configure Other Audio and Visual Devices
Provide Sound Bar Installation
Make Sure Your TV Setup is Done Cleanly and Attractively

We are your TV mount installation experts. We believe you'll be impressed with our TV installation service that is delivered by technicians who are focused on proficiency, attention to detail and professionalism. Our specialists will always do the job to the best of their ability. We keep the cost reasonable, our quality high, and we have the utmost respect for your home. We arrive when we say we'll be there, keeping a high level of respect for your valuable time. We also clean up after your TV work is done. Soon your TV will be on your wall, waiting to be enjoyed by your family and friends. We hope you'll rely on us every time you search for TV mounting near me. TV hanging is a specialty featuring many nuances that is best left to professionals who pay attention to all the details. Attempting to do it yourself can lead to sketchy results that you ultimately may not be happy with. Something as important as correct TV installing services need to be provided by a company you can trust completely to do the job right.


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Ryan B.

Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Dmitry was awesome. He was right on time, quick, professional, everything you could ask for in an installation. Asked along the way if there way anything specific I would like customized. Well worth it and I'd recommend him to anyone. Very happy and will use him again for anything else

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17 July 2019

Carolina H.

Los Angeles, CA

Fedor was super helpful. I was stressing out about installing my new tv. Im glad I made the call he was super knowledgeable. I would gladly recommend TV Installation One to all of my fiends and clients!

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21 August 2019

Michael G.

Colorado Springs, CO

I had the pleasure of having Dmitry and Fedor install my flat screen. These two guys are pros! They were arranged to install my 75" 4k Sony through Puls. They showed up on time and were more than happy to take care of the installation.

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23 August 2019

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